The Nightmare Of Cloning!

Gordon Creighton.

Note this! What a jolt and what a flurry our public has just experienced with all the chatter in the media about the cloning of a sheep by our scientists and about the horrific possibilities of it all! But- how much bigger the jolt and flurry will be if, and when, it should ever dawn upon human minds that, so long as thirteen years ago, we at FSR were publishing reports, from various parts of the world, about humans who were claiming that they themselves had been cloned by aliens!

If you doubt my statement, please see Senhora Irene Granchi's article, CLONING BY ALIENS?: TO WHAT PURPOSE?, in FSR 32/3 ( April 1987 ). In it, Sra. Granchi, our veteran Brazilian consultant, described at length her investigation of, and her interview with, her fellow countryman, Dirant Mello Ferraz, who claimed to have had such an experience.

But already, previously to that, our earliest reported cloning claims had been those of another Brazilian, Antônio Alves Ferreira, in FSR 31/2 ( 1986 ), and of a Spaniard, Xavier Clarés, investigated by another veteran FSR consultant, the Spaniard, Antonio Ribera, and published by us in his articles on THE JINN AND THE DOLMEN in FSR 31/4 ( 1986) and 32/2 ( 1987 ). More recently ( in 1995 or 1996 ) I recall having seen, on one of the British TV channels, part of a video about a woman in Puerto Rico who gave a hair-raising account of having watched alien creatures making a clone of her. ( Can any reader help me identify the TV channel/program, date, and any details about the woman? )

Much more might be said now, but it must be left for a forthcoming article. And the whole question may turn out to have an extraordinary link with the fact, now well established, that in many parts of the world the human sperm count is falling fast -so fast indeed that some scientists are now suggesting that our species may not have much longer than a century to go. Remember that -as Raymond Fowler has recorded in his several books on Betty Andreasson -this lady was told a good many years ago by an alien: "Your species will shortly be threatened with sterility". All this can possibly have a link with cloning!

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