Alien Abduction: The Ominous Truth of our day
Part II.

© By Don Worley (Indiana),FSR Consultant


An astounding thing is happening. Helpless humanity is in pawn to it. Earthís Governments are impotent before it.

We know that the UFO enigma is incredibly vast and complex. Within it, we have the human abduction syndrome, which is also very extensive and mind-boggling. With so much happening, one is obliged to select certain data for explanation. Most of what you read in this article will be from my own case-data, gathered over a period of 31 years as a field-investigator and researcher, and involving a total of 100 abductions on which I have worked. I will take a very brief and limited look at the situation under three main headings:-
[I] How much abduction is occurring?
[2] Is there undeniable evidence that this is indeed happening?
[3] My compassion for the abductees.


Estimates run from hundreds of thousands to possibly millions. Important in the estimates is the fact that there is an unknown percentage of our citizens who do not suspect that it has happened to them! I have by accident discovered some of these folk myself and it has convinced me that there is a great unknown total in this classification.

Another element in the equation is the fact that once you have been "chosen", or "selected" --- usually in babyhood --- there is no escape. At least not until they are finished with you, or you get up into your 50s maybe. This shocking ability of theirs to find an abductee again, no matter where, is most un-nerving. In my "Kim" case (Illinois) the lady had been "picked up" or "taken" in two West Coast States. Then she moved to Illinois, where she hoped that she had at last escaped. But no --- she had not --- and they also "selected" her little daughter.

This child always referred to the Aliens as "That nice Mister" or, maybe, "them bad little Misters." "Kim" herself had never discussed the subject of "Aliens" anywhere in the presence or vicinity of the child, but one day she chanced to leave a copy of Whitley Strieberís book Communion where the child was able to catch sight of it, and was able to see the face on the dust-cover. The child at once seized the book and hugged it, and said "Mister! Itís Mister! Momma, he loves me!"

This lawless kidnapping of an innocent little girl makes me mad, and it is sad to see the helplessness of the parents.

In my "Andrew" case (Arkansas) the cotton-candy-haired "Nordic" and frail little "Grey" type aliens followed this man, formerly resident in England, to the USA! And now they have begun to pay attention to his wife and his son too! So, when making our estimates, we must remember the "repeater-factor", and also realise that loved ones and kin are often to be included in the grand total.

A very important consideration when we are estimating possible abduction totals is also the feature of "group-takings", or "mass-abductions."

I sometimes read of such cases in the literature of the subject, and I have a few such in my own cases. In the case of "Bridget" (Indiana) two persons recalled a particular incident when a whole crowd of people were seen by them, standing like zombies near a fish-shaped UFO. An hour and a half of time was lost, and then at the end of the event they both saw the same crowd of people dispersing back to their homes on a near-by street.
In my subsequent investigation of the case and of the area, I was totally unable to find a single soul in that area who remembered that anything had happened there that night!

In my "White" case (Indiana), the lifetime abductee told of two incidents that were multiple in nature. One of the incidents took place at a swimming-pool, where everybody was put into "suspended animation." One by one they were all taken up through a large tunnel-like apparatus extending down from the UFO.

In my "Witsken" case (also in Indiana) the victim described to me how, one evening, he and his neighbours from the apartment-building were all asembled beneath a huge UFO. He remembered entering the UFO via a circular porthole at the bottom. Inside the UFO were his neighbours from the apartment-building, all sitting around on benches and looking as though they were "frozen stiff".

Some of the data suggests that in the course of their abduction activities some of the aliens are getting confused about "who wore what" among their abductees!

John Carpenter, the renowned investigator-researcher from Missouri, has listed a number of these sometimes humorous episodes, and I also have some in my files. In my "Apache Indian" case (Idaho) the lady awoke sometimes with her clothing on inside out or on backwards, and once inside someone elseís panties!

This made her furious, and she "would like to know what is going on."(See FSR 39/4, Editorial ).

One husband kept replacing his wifeís nightgowns, hoping that she would not have been seen by anybody floating naked over the neighbourhood.

One woman was wearing her new "Victoriaís Secret" nightgown when taken from her bed, and returned in a manís oversized shirt! (What man, one wonders, awoke to find himself in her "Victoriaís Secret" nightgown? And what did he tell his wife?)

Another abductee returned home wearing a tee-shirt instead of her nightgown. The logo on the tee-shirt read "13th Tsukuba Marathon." (If you can solve this riddle, please let me know.)

My next case I call the "Way-Station Case". The abductee began to recall some very strange things that had happened on his parentsí farm in Nebraska when he was a child. There were, he said, strange devices inside their house, and he found the behaviour of his parents so weird that later he came to believe that they must have been under alien control!

Sometimes, in the summer seasons, a disc-shaped craft would land not far from the house. And sometimes people, even children, would be brought into the house from the UFO. His parents seemed to be involved in "getting them back into society".

"Little Grey" type entities were around, and also tall, bald, human-looking beings in white clothing who spoke good English.

One tall blue-eyed being, he recalled, was so big that he had to stoop to get in through the door of their house. And he remembered an episode when his mother gave this same entity some thong-shoes for his bare feet! So, knowing as we do the awesome skills of these cunning aliens, we are obliged to acknowledge that there are "group-abductions" or "mass-abductions and to include them in any attempted estimates of a total.


Yes. There is a quantity of physiological and topographical evidence, as well as a tremendous amount of human testimonial evidence that this is taking place. Most important of all is the visible evidence on human bodies and also the physical environmental. Let us take a look, for example, at my "Brandenburg" case, and my "White" case, both of which show undeniable proof of this sort.

The "Brandenburg" Case

On June 8, 1991, this man, of Centerville, Indiana, went out into his back garden to see what his dogs were barking about, and found himself caught in a beam of light from a UFO. He turned to run away, but the next thing he knew was that he was standing inside the UFO. On the other side of the chamber stood two six-foot tall "Greys", studying him. They approached him, and as they did so he heard a "mental voice" which kept assuring him that he would not be hurt. Then suddenly one of them extended its arms towards him. Thinking that the entity wanted something from him, Mr. "Brandenburg" handed him a $20 bill that happened to be in his pocket.

(This was money lost. They examined the money, but he never saw it again!)

A second time the tall "Grey" reached out, and this time it grabbed him by his right wrist. A short, black, pen-like object appeared and was moved vertically three times just over the skin on the inside bend of his arm. Next he understood that he was to go and sit on a device resembling a chair. The "Grey" then held a silver object about the size of a cigarette pack near the manís left temple. This was the start of a period of "missing time", that would amount to 13 hours.

The man finally awoke in his bed "feeling as though he had had a very bad night out". His nose bled, and his urine was thick and discoloured.

When I made my investigations of this case, which occurred only seven miles from my own home, I was able to observe on the manís arm three purple marks, five inches long, which appeared to be beneath his skin. In the back-yard of his house I made a careful examination and took photographs and checked for radiation and for magnetic deviation and I took samples from the two circular burned patches in the grass, each 16 inches wide, on each side of the spot from which he had been "zapped".

The "White" Case

This case occurred to the west of Indianopolis (State of Indiana) in July 1959. "Sarah", the abductee, had often been in the company of "wispy-necked friends" ever since her childhood. And she remembered how, when she was a little girl, her "special Grey friend", Zanna, along with several other "Greys", would "fly her and her sister out of their upstairs bedroom and up to the UFO."

On one occasion, she recalled, the aerial party had suddenly halted in mid-air when something or other alerted them, and she saw the "Greys" stretch their necks three or four inches as if sensing something.

The next morning, as the girls played on the front-room floor in their home, they had laughed and tried to "stretch their own necks" as their "Grey" friends had done. The parents, watching this, could only conclude that their little daughters "had had another of their wild dreams."

On the night mentioned, in July 1989, "Sarah" saw an orange glow out by the road, and settled back in her feather-bed happy that her "friends" had not forgotten her. A neighbour, Mr. Lowery, who had just got up to go to the bathroom, also observed the scene, and saw a craft, described by him as "bun-shaped",hovering just off the ground beside the road.

The next day, a large circular area of weeds and grass at the spot was found to have turned brown. Subsequently it was noted that when snow fell, it always melted on that spot. At the site a small metal telephone post had been bent down.

These two cases which I have given are only representative of numerous others elsewhere where physical evidence of one sort or another shows up.

I will now move on to a discussion of the amazing people dubbed "electromagnetic affecters."

If you yourself possess this extraordinary faculty or talent, and are not yourself aware of being an "abductee", please get in touch with me at 1051 Beech Street, Connersville, Indiana 47331, USA. There is something in these individuals that works this "magic" with street lights or other electromagnetic systems. And it must be attributable to the alien implants that have been secreted inside these individuals. A seemingly unintended and undetectable by-product of the implantation process. In my "Witsken" case, the man often causes street lights to go out when he passes beneath them, whether in his car or on foot.

I have checked him with my own radiation and magnetic detection instruments, and have found absolutely nothing to explain it.

Similarly, in my "Alice" case (Maryland) I found that street-lights, turnpike signs, outside shop and store signs, go dark; TV sets malfunction; computers lose power; and radios hiss and crackle.

In my "Sandra" case (Georgia), the lady turns street-lights on or off from as far away as 50 - 100 feet.


Let me move on now to the implants. Directly related to the implants are the skin disruptions, which surely qualify as good physiological evidence. I have viewed some of these, and they are a disturbing sight. There is a wide variety of them, but three principal types which we have are;

(1) the "scoop-mark"
(2) the tiny puncture
(3) the straight line cut.

When I viewed the neat four-inch-straight line scar on the back of the head of a law-enforcement person in a county to the south of here, I thought to myself "what tricky, skilful devils!" It didnít heal as rapidly as wounds usually do, and that is how he came to discover it.

The puncture types are often in a line or pattern. If they are only twin punctures, I call them the "snake-bite" kind. In my "Richard" case (Oklahoma), when he got the "snake-bite" type on his neck, he had an MRI done. And, sure enough, the specialist had good grounds for being puzzled. Right on the manís brain-stem there was a thing that should not have been there!

The favourite way to insert an implant seems to be by crashing through the upper sinus cavity. Consequently there is a lot of nose-bleeding among abductees. However, an implant can be anywhere. In the case of my Illinois farmer, after 15 years had elapsed he pinched out a tiny grey-coloured disc from the rear underside of his penis.


At a private medical facility in Granada Hills, near Los Angeles, California, Dr. Roger Leir and a surgical team removed implants from four persons in August 1995 and May 1996. Thirty observers watched on close-circuit television. In the two August 1995 cases, the implants were removed from the toe of a woman and from the hand of a man. Encased in thick, dark membranes, the implants were so tough that a scalpel could not cut them. In the case of the man, the object taken from his hand was of the size of a canteloupe seed. The object removed from the womanís toe was T-shaped.

Once dried and cut open, the two implants revealed tiny magnetic pieces of shiny black metal. Under ultraviolet light they glowed a brilliant green.

Further electrical, chemical, and microscopic analysis is being done on them.


In the area of human testimonial evidence, I will mention two cases. These are extensive, "high-strangeness" cases, and I can give only sketchy details.

In my "Pamara" case (Indiana) let me state that this woman knew nothing whatsoever about abduction or "foetus theft" or "babies in fluid", etc. She and her family were abducted near Abington, five miles north-east of my home here in Connersville, Indiana. When "Pamara" got home again she was in such a state that she cowered on the floor of the car and she crawled into the house from there. She knew that previously she had definitely been pregnant, because her foetus had shown clearly on the ultrasound. However, a hurried visit to her doctor now resulted in confirmation that she was "empty".

In describing her ordeal, "Pamara" said: "I was clamped on a table with legs spread and knees up. On the side of the table was a machine with a tall jar filled with clear liquid and many wires coming out of the top. The instrument that they used on me was a three-foot long silver wire with a rounded tip that came out of the bottom. The four aliens ("Greys") around the table had their hands on me at different places. I was scared, but in my mind they kept telling me they were not going to hurt me. I felt great pain and cramping when they inserted the humming tip inside of me. They sucked my baby out of me".

Later she was shown large jars of clear fluid with tubes and wires going to them. She described the scene this way: "The babies were almost normal except for their eyes and shape of head. (Drew a typical "Grey" head and eyes.) They were a little red, like a new-born baby. They were the size of a 5 or 6 month foetus, and you could tell they were not full term. They had normal feet and hands and a belly-button".

A belly-button? So clearly human mothers must first have been harbouring these hybrids, and then the aliens reclaim the child, with time to spare. But - shouldnít a larger head be showing up on our doctorsí ultrasounds?

My second testimonial case is about a series of events spanning the early 1970s, which happened in rural southern Tennessee.

This is a line-up of such an unbelievable situation that anyone must realise that nobody would make up a wild tale like this and expect anyone to believe it! I alone have preserved the full details of the case, which actually proved to be a forecast of things due to come in the 1980s and 1990s. The case involves repeated abductions; captive persons who came to the craft when mentally summoned; false predictions and instructions that left the participants looking like fools; screen-memory space-rides; displays of large sums of money for a so-called propulsion diagram; friendly treatment by one type of "Greys"; and threatening, heavy, oriental figures dressed in black suits and driving black Lincoln Continental autos that occasionally would vanish instantaneously.


Ihave been able to be a valuable help to many of the abductees, and I often thank God that I am permitted to do it in this life. Often isolated, puzzled, deeply troubled, abductees do not know where to turn for help. And the typical "chosen one" will experience two or maybe three distinct stages.

First comes the denial/fear stage, and this is the crucial time when they need someone who understands, and who can inform and advise them, having first of course determined that they are indeed abductees.

To some abductees the world can become a frightening place. If I, or someone else with similar skill and experience, could have found that insurance man in Dallas, Texas, who leapt out of the window, I know for a positive fact that we could have saved him.

The same applies to the Mississippi engineer and the Colorado businessman who had similar problems. Three of my abductees have been able to return home from mental hospitals after short stays there. One of them had fled to a nearby fire-station in search of help and the men there had responded by calling for the men "men in white coats" to come and take him away!

Another poor fellow had begun to talk in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian "language of the Gods", and that had of course landed him in trouble! One is inevitably driven to wonder how many hapless abductees there are who have failed to recover and are consequently languishing tragically in such institutions.


Abductee cases run all the way from "quiet and seldom" to "intense and stunning". Last year I worked on the "Cloud" case (in Indiana) for MUFON. This abducted man had been totally normal prior to his abduction, then, after it he had grand-mal epilepsy, which under medication was finally controlled down to petit-mal. And his two dogs ended up even worse than he did. Their skins turned red, their hair fell out, and they both died.

After abductions I notice that some women suffer with gynaecological problems. Or even worse than that. Two women of whom I was most fond and whom I miss most deeply, were Karla Turner and Ann Livingston. Suspicion concerning the causes of their deaths runs high among all UFO researchers.

I have spoken above of the first stage of human adjustment to abduction. The second stage is that of acceptance and learning. It is in this stage that most abductees remain, in varying degrees of unease.

The third stage is that of the "loving, alien-trusting experiencers". There are not too many occupants of this third stage, and most of those in it are the folk who have encountered the "Nordic" type of aliens. Some of them maintain, throughout their lives, altered-states contact with these "beautiful looking beings." (Personally I cannot visualize myself as fitting into this group. Because I have come to the conclusion that it is by their ACTIONS and not by what they tell us or show us that we must judge the aliens.)

When you contemplate the frightening certainty and the relentless nature of human abduction by aliens you know in your very marrow bone that there ought to be alarm bells sounding everywhere. Instead, they are not. And the tragic policy adopted by Governments keeps our slumbering populace sleeping on while the silent, secret, invasion continues

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