Are abductees specifically adapted to become UFO repeaters and contactees?

Why does abduction happen? A predominant theory is for the purposes of genetic harvesting including the potential to create foetuses from harvested ova and sperm. Perhaps this advanced tissue sampling and monitoring of the individual is integrated within a much grander alien surveillance program intended for our entire species. Modern humanity has ethical boundaries for practising research on living systems in an attempt to minimise the overall environmental impact of the observer. The ethical boundary is crossed when monitoring and sampling starts to become an invasive process impinging upon and modifying parts of the living system being studied. One can easily envisage the temptation to go one step farther and deliberately alter an organism that is being studied, the dilemma of our own genetic modification revolution.

This article contends that abduction is indeed specially designed to induce subtle new elements of modification into our species. Specifically the enhanced ability to repeat witness alien activity. Many abductees see significantly increased numbers of UFO craft in the skies over our cities and some may even be observing 'cloaked' humanoid activity both in the air and on the ground. The important point to raise here is that abductees are experiencing and seeing our world differently from the majority population. They have an altered perspective with regard to the observed frequency of UFOs and humanoids. Are they seeing glimpses through some sort of sensory barrier that remains firmly closed to the majority population at this time?

This raises the question: are there any hidden physical prerequisites prior to close physical contact with aliens and the emanations of their technology? It is possible that unprepared human minds and bodies suffer a great deal of difficulty remaining coherent while in the altered energy-state induced by a typical alien encounter. A common thread among close encounter reports is the sensation of contact with an alien energy field whereby the witness loses consciousness. Could it be that abductees are potentially better suited to withstand alien telepathy, temporal fields and intense gravity? Is the apparent super sensitivity demonstrated by many witnesses a key objective of an alien selection and assimilation process rather an accidental by-product of abduction?
Perhaps abductees are specially designated human subjects chosen to undergo subtle reprogramming of their psyche, senses and physiology.

This is followed by a program of more open encounters to bring about contact awareness and then to deliberately steer the abductee into new patterns of post contact behaviour. Are implants and scoop marks (punch biopsy scars) evidence of this subtle reprogramming hardware implanted in us by our alien visitors? Subtle new adaptations useful for confronting life outside our planet could exist within these miniature alien environmental controls. Perhaps the ultimate destiny of the abductee is to be manipulated into temporarily observing the unknown alien worlds well ahead of their peers. Abductees may perform a similar function to the experienced scouts and out-riders seen riding at the head of army columns. They will have an element of native familiarity with the alien landscape and provide useful counsel to those less acquainted.

Subject T. Age 40. Abduction. One of my earliest childhood memories (age 5) was being held kicking in the air while being levitated over my bed. I was being held by a disembodied floating hand that gripped my arm and it then released me and I dropped back down. Years later, I had my finger X-rayed for a lump under the skin, which had been present on my finger since that day. A strange foreign body was visible. I had subsequently developed an interest in UFOs following a number of repeat UFO sightings and I was well aware what this discrete little object represented.

Contact. During 1991, I was sleeping in my car as I was involved in crop circle and UFO monitoring at the time. I awoke to see a pair of eight-foot tall figures standing facing me in the area directly in front of my car. I could see the silver sheen of moon glint on their hooded helmets and the shining textile covering of their heavy 'diving suits'. A similar figure appeared inside my house late one night in 2001.

Subject M. Abduction. On the 24 august 1997 I was on my way home from my girlfriends house who is now my wife. As I rounded a corner and looked across the road at Parslows Park here in Dagenham I noticed a cigar shaped object hovering above a group of six trees. I had never seen anything like this before so I crossed the over the main road. I tried to get a better look. I went as close as I could to this object which I now know was a UFO. As I went up to this object I felt very dizzy and disoriented.

The next thing I can remember is walking across the park dazed in the other direction. As I looked up the object, it shot boldly upright into the evening sky. When I got home my mum was wondering where I had got too because I left my girlfriends house at 8.30 and arrived home at 9.15. About half an hour had passed between me seeing the object and walking home. It still confuses me today as to what really happened. I could not tell anyone how I felt at the time of my experience. I have had some very strange dreams about being in a round room with strange creatures standing around me that I can't quite make out.
Humanoid contact. On July 20th 2004, I had an experience that involved me seeing what I now know to be a light being. I had gone to bed on that evening, my wife was sleeping on my right. I had fallen asleep, when I was suddenly awoken by a very strong presence in the room. I looked up and to my left, a being had suddenly appeared that was glowing in gold and yellow colours. I tried to wake up my wife, but I could not wake her up, so I shook her, but still she did not stir.

By this time I was feeling quite scared, and my adrenaline was rushing. The light being then started to walk towards me, or you could say it drifted. Not quite knowing how, but it did. As it came towards me I remembered what the Australian contactee researcher, Mary Rodwell had said to me, this was to be at peace with your fears. I remembered that she told me to try and to talk to them. I did this as it came closer, but then I must have blacked out, as I did not know anything more until the next morning. I was not aware if there had been any missing time.

Subject R. First abduction. It was 1988; I was on motorbike coming home from Skipton where I had been out with friends. I was riding on the A65 bypass when I turned off and headed towards Utley. I could see the red lights flashing on the level crossing barrier as I approached and a train in the distance. I pulled up at the barrier, waiting for the train to pass when I noticed a very bright light around me. I immediately look around as I thought who ever it was, was too close to me for comfort but there was nobody there. Then I noticed the light was coming down from the sky. I looked up to the light, but it was blinding and I had to look away. I had a feeling of bliss like I was floating, very warm and comfortable. Then the next thing I new the barriers where up and the train had gone. I could feel the cold night air around me and the breeze coming through my open face helmet. I quickly looked around but I could see no one. I felt unattached and I had a strange feeling, you could even say scared but I did not know why.

I headed for home; I was on the Denholme road next to an area called the Flappit, when I saw a very big bright ball of light, low down in the sky. I pulled over to the side of the road to a lay-by where I watched the object for some time. The object headed towards Halifax. It was late now so I headed for home. When I arrived home I went straight to bed, as I had to be up for work.

The next morning I awoke with a sore throat and flu like symptoms. I arrived at work and was met with an odd look from some of my work mates, one came to me and asked if I had over done it on the sun bed, then another asked me if I had fallen asleep on a sun bed. I asked why, I was told to look at my face in the mirror. There was a mirror in my office so I returned there. When I saw my reflection I could not believe my eyes, my face was red raw. As the day progressed I gradually became unwell. The next day I had to visit my doctor, who eventually prescribed cream for my face, but by now my hands and neck were red and swollen. Second abduction. On a bank holiday Monday during 1990, a friend and I went out for a ride on my motorcycle. We were meeting other motorcyclist friends at Settle, where we would discuss a wide range of topics, mostly related to motorcycles. We stayed in Settle for most of the day, and then we said our goodbyes and set out for home, as it was work the next morning.

I had reached the A65 Skipton Bypass, as I was riding on the bypass I notice a bright ball of light in the sky, then a type of tunnel seemed to appear in front of me. Knowing that there was no tunnel on the bypass, I slowed down because I could not understand what I was seeing. Many different thoughts passed through my mind, had I taken a wrong turning, I could not remember. I had the overwhelming feeling that I was being drawn into the tunnel. The next thing that I can remember is dropping my friend outside of his house, we did not speak we just parted. This was the end of my memory of this incident, until the next day.
I met my friend the next day and I asked him about the events of the previous night. He had said that he had no memory and I told him that I could not remember driving home. As the day progressed I began to remember snippets of what had happened during the journey home. I began to remember that I was in the centre of a circular room that had a black and white cheque board floor. There were two poles, one at either side that had a sphere on the top. These spheres seemed to be giving off some type of static charge. Around the room there appeared to be very tall figures stood in the shadows or the figures were shadows.

Contact. Another incident occurred in 1990 a short time after the second abduction. I was lying in bed early one evening, The landing light was on and it partially lit my room, then I had the shock of my life. Suddenly I noticed that the gable end of the wall in my room had changed. It now had the appearance of a shiny black mirror. All at once several figures with the same appearance as the wall, black, shiny and mirror like, walked into the room and stood all around me. These figures projected the appearance of giants who could not have fitted into the room. One of these beings started to communicate with me, some type of verbal communication. It was telling me things and showing me images that seemed to appear from nowhere. While this was happening my sister came upstairs to use the bathroom, she could here me talking to the figures and she asked me who are you talking to? I replied them; she said who? I tried to explain about the figures that had just appeared in my room. She just looked at me and went back down stairs.

Second contact. In 2003 I was on Filey beach one morning with my dog who began to behave oddly. As I leaned over to see what was bothering him I saw an object in the distance, suddenly getting bigger and closer to me. An eight-foot tall figure now stood before me with two others either side. These shiny black figures were the same I had encountered in my room, they appeared to have a silver like reflection on their black body surface. The chest of each figure was very large in proportion to its legs. Their faces remained covered, in fact there was some distortion coming from this area. Their knees seemed to bend unnaturally forward. I then saw to my utter disbelief, a figure identical to myself standing among them. This figure spoke to me with my own accent and mannerisms. It said ''you have got to move your self, you’ve got to start finding the rest now''. I heard my dog sounding distressed, and as I glanced away the figures were gone and I was alone on the beach again.

Subject Y.Abduction. In 1996, I was aware of an increasing scale of paranormal activity taking place at night. These events included waking up covered in luminous static and multi-coloured woven luminous patterns appearing a foot or so above my head. On one occasion I was aware of being paralysed, ice-cold and not breathing as if I had woken during some kind of transition state. This suspicion was confirmed when I saw a large tunnel of light open above my bed. A strange 'spindly' figure was visible squatting within the confines of this tunnel.

Contact. A number of figures also appeared to me during this time, they were human shapes encased in a mass of boiling smoke resembling the black plumes seen rising from undersea volcanic vents. They appeared to exist in a separate pocket of space, one with its own wind and moving shadows. These beings attempted to communicate with me.

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